The Best Bookmaker and Casino Bonuses

Online casinos and online bookmaking are very competitive businesses, hence, these establishments have to constantly find new ways and means to attract new players to their platforms, and various methods to retain their existing customers. Casino bonuses can be in all shapes and sizes, and with some research, you can always find an attractive bonus for almost every punt you place or every casino game you play on the internet.
When it comes to online gambling, the player is indeed the King! The seasoned gamblers normally play at many different online casinos, to take maximum advantage of these offers. Let’s take you through a detailed list of casino bonuses and promotions you may come across, categorized based on different stages in your gambling journey with online casinos and bookmakers, starting from the time you sign up and thereafter.

Beginner-level online casino and bookmaker bonuses
As against the popular perception, these bonuses are not just for the rookie gamblers. Both new as well as experienced online gamblers, who are constantly on the hunt for better deals, can use them effectively.
These bonuses can normally be availed at the time of signing up with an online casino/bookmaker. You can find a good variety of such bonuses during this stage, and the corresponding deposit bonus rates are also much better. The whole idea is to attract more and more players to try out the offerings of the online gambling platform. Let’s go over these bonuses now:

Welcome bonus
By far the most commonly found bonus at online casinos and bookmakers, this one is also known by other names like signup bonus, first deposit bonus, new player bonus etc. A welcome bonus is often offered as a 100% matchup of the deposit amount of a player. For instance, an online casino XYZ may offer you 100% welcome bonus on deposits of up to £ 400. It implies that any amount you deposit up to £ 400, for the first time at an online casino/bookmaker, you’d be provided £ 400 free, making it a total of £ 800 available with you to play or bet with.
There could be various levels of these welcome bonuses, ranging from 50% to 500%. However, as stated earlier, 100% matchup is the one seen most frequently at majority of these online establishments. Any online casino or bookmaker offering you a welcome bonus higher than 200% should be looked at very carefully, as the platform might place many restrictions on withdrawals. Many a times, online casinos/bookmakers make use of bonus coupons or promo codes to offer such bonuses. Others might be pretty straightforward about their usage.

No deposit bonus
As is evident from the name, such bonuses are meant for players who wish to play or bet at a certain online gambling website, without the need of making any initial deposits. A good number of new-age online casinos and bookmakers use such promotions to get more and more players on board, without any risk element (for the players). However, as is the case with any welcome bonus higher than 200%, these no deposit bonuses may also come with various restrictions.
Many online casinos/bookmakers may impose very high betting requirements, or place other kinds of restrictions to prevent any chances of abuse (of such offers). It means that any player wanting to benefit from a no deposit bonus might also need to deposit at least a certain amount of his/her own funds before making any withdrawal (of the no deposit bonus amount and any subsequent winnings). In addition, certain other game restrictions and/or betting requirements may also apply. Please keep in mind that online card games like blackjack involve very low house advantage, and may not be permitted with any such bonus amount. Betting requirements may also be comparatively higher in case of no deposit bonuses (compared to other casino/bookmaker bonuses).

Free spins bonus
Free spin bonuses are a huge favourite among online slot players, and are commonly offered by online casinos that are built around slot games. As evident from the name, the players are awarded a certain number of free spins they can use on specific online slot games. These free spins may also be included in welcome packages, new game launches and/or weekly promotions.

Highroller bonus
Some online casinos in an effort to attract players with deep pockets (ones who deposit big sums of money), offer attractive highroller bonuses to them. All such players are well known for being the big whales, VIPs or high rollers at these casinos or bet shops. The bonus percentages given to them are comparatively higher than others, but are applicable only on high deposits. Other than that, these players are also offered various other incentives and perks, including VIP tickets to popular sports events, free vacations etc. As something like a 100% welcome bonus on a £ 100 deposit isn’t very appealing to them!

Payment method bonus
Online casinos and bookmakers provide players and sports bettors with a wide range of banking methods for depositing and withdrawing their funds. These establishments may also often encourage players to use certain specific payment methods (for instance some popular e-wallet) and offer additional bonus amounts on their usage, apart from the welcome bonuses. However, payment method bonuses aren’t as common as the other ones we discussed above.

Mobile bonus
Some of these gambling portals may offer an additional bonus amount if you play their casino games or bet with them on a mobile device, such as a tablet PC or a smart phone. This one’s a one-time offer extended to anyone who installs their corresponding application on his/her mobile device.

Advanced bonuses
The bonuses at these online casinos and bookmakers don’t just stop at the time of signup. You get plenty of opportunities to boost your bankroll later too. Let’s go over some of the advanced bonuses offered by the online gambling platforms.

Monthly deposit bonus
Also known as loyalty bonus, deposit bonus or reload bonus, this is offered on a monthly basis, to keep players engaged with a casino and/or sports betting platform. For instance, casino XYZ may offer a 100% reload bonus up to a certain amount on the first day of each month. Additionally, many casinos will offer you such monthly reload bonuses depending on your gambling activity in the previous month. These bonuses aren’t as high as the signup bonuses, but again, they are completely dependent on your monthly activity.

Free rolls
The term free roll is normally associated with free ticket entries to the poker tournaments that involve cash prizes. Considering the growing popularity of slot tournaments, you can even avail free rolls for various slot tourneys these days.

Refer a friend bonus
Although not very commonly offered nowadays, some online casinos and bookmakers may also offer you a certain bonus amount if you refer other people to them. These bonuses are usually in the form of points, and depend on the amount bet by the referred people.

Cashback offers
Although these bonuses don’t seem as sexy as the others (as no one likes losing), cashback offers can be pretty reassuring if you regularly lose money while gambling. You’d at least get a part of your bets returned to you. It works pretty well for starting-out gamblers, who wish to try new games with real money.

Live casino promotions
Anyone who loves table games like roulette of blackjack, and swears by the thrill of sitting opposite to a live dealer, should make the most of such live casino promotions. These are normally one-time introductory offers, which are sometimes offered on a weekly basis too. Hence, you’d need to stay constantly tuned in to the casino promotions to lap these up, as and when they become available.

VIP Club/Comp points
These are basically loyalty programs wherein you earn a certain number of points for betting with a casino and/or sports betting platform. Some gambling websites also offer these points on initial deposits. As you keep collecting these points, you are moved up to different levels, and earn more number of rewards and perks.

Monthly raffles
Many online casinos provide monthly offers, along with several real-world prizes, free spins and bonuses to their clients. These prizes can range from anything like latest gadgets, to laptops, to cars, to even paid holidays at popular travel destinations.

Daily Promos
Many online casinos and bookmakers run promotions literally on every day of the week! While one night might be dedicated to just the roulette games, the next one might be focused on slots, then the third night might be entirely focused on blackjack. These gambling platforms have their promotions scheduled well ahead of time, so anyone who keeps a regular tab on such offers, cannot normally miss them.

Events and holiday-related specials
Almost all of these online casinos and bookmakers launch their special promotions during the holiday season. For instance, Christmas is the best time to bag many of these extra bonuses, lucky draw tickets, free spins and various other perks. Apart from the holidays, casinos/sports books may also align their offers with special events, for instance, FIFA World Cup, during which they might offer let’s say, free spins on all of their football themed online slots. Often, these gambling platforms go pretty far when it comes to getting people into the right mood!